Jake Hays, Director, Environmental Health Program

M.A. Environmental Philosophy, University of Montana; B.A. Philosophy, Connecticut College.


Jake Hays has worked at PSE Healthy Energy since 2011. As the Director of the Environmental Health Program Jake has been responsible for reviewing and evaluating a broad distribution of scientific literature, writing commentaries and review articles, supervising descriptive epidemiologic studies, lecturing, providing oral and written testimony, designing conferences, and facilitating a number of other projects focused on energy production, public health, and the environment. Jake lives in New York City and works as a Research Associate at Weill Cornell Medicine. He is also currently pursuing a J.D. at Fordham University School of Law, where he serves as a board member of the Environmental Law Advocates and Senior Articles Editor for the Environmental Law Review.


Selected Publications


Hays J, Shonkoff SBC. (2016) Toward an Understanding of the Environmental and Public Health Impacts of Unconventional Natural Gas Development: A Categorical Assessment of the Peer-Reviewed Scientific Literature, 2009-2015. PLOS ONE. 11(4): e0154164.  


Finkel M, Hays J, Law A. (2015) Unconventional natural gas development and human health: thoughts from the United States. Medical Journal of Australia. 203(7):294-96. 


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Hays J, Finkel M, Depledge M, Law A, Shonkoff SBC. (2015) Considerations for the development of shale gas in the United Kingdom. Science of the Total Environment. 512-513:36-42. 


Hays J, de Melo-Martín I. (2014) Ethical concerns surrounding unconventional oil and gas development and vulnerable populations. Reviews on Environmental Health. 29(4):275-276.  


Law A, Hays J, Shonkoff SBC, Finkel ML. (2014) Public Health England's draft report on shale gas extraction. British Medical Journal. 348:g2728.


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de Melo-Martín I, Hays J, Finkel ML. (2014) The role of ethics in shale gas policies. Science of the Total Environment. 470-471:1114-1119.


Finkel ML, Hays J, Law A. (2013) The Shale Gas Boom and the Need for Rational Policy. American Journal of Public Health. 103(7):1161-3.





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