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DailyCamera Opinion: State makes a habit of discounting troubling research on fracking

There have been other, more extensive meta studies carried out on peer-reviewed research concerning the environmental and public health effects of fracking. A meta study done by Jake Hays and Seth B. C. Shonkoff, published in the Journal of the Public Library of Science looked at all qualifying, peer-reviewed research over the period 2009-2015, approximately 685 studies. 


The Roanoke Times: Fossil fuels foe calls proposed pipelines 'climate disasters'


NBC Bay Area: Scientists Question Safety of Using Waste Water From Oil Fields on Food

It's ben done for two decades but after the relase of a new report, controversy is building. Should farmers irrigate crops with waste water from oil extraction?


E&E News: Experts link gas well to explosion that injured family


The Ferret: Fracking noise harms health, says US experts

The loud noises produced by the fracking industry could cause sleep deprivation, stress and heart disease in surrounding communities, according to a study by US public health experts.

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